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Company data
Established: 2014
IT Service Provider for DevOps & Cloud
AWS Consulting Partner
- Infrastructure as Code (“IaC”):
- Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation
- Immutable, reproducible, consistent infrastructure
- Self-healing infrastructure
- Multi-Tenant, Multi-Stage Terraform stack
- Multi-Cloud & On-Premise capable Kubernetes (kops)
- Jenkins Pipelines for CI/CD, Self-Service
- Multi-Availability Zone, cost-effective Load Balancing
- Modern Monitoring Stack:
- Prometheus, Grafana, CloudWatch, ElasticSearch
- Worldwide Highly Available Content Delivery Network
- S3, CloudFront, Lambda@Edge for static-content delivery
Munich ReThink GmbH
Infrastructure as Code
Only rely on temporary AWS credentials (Security)
Code can be used for new environments easily (Portability)
Continuous Deployment with checks and tests (Deliverability)
Webhook API Gateway Lambda S3 CodeBuild
1. Bitbucket git commit Webhook API Gateway
2. Lambda function: clone git, zip, upload S3 bucket
3. CodeBuild/CodePipeline deploys Terraform stack & modules
a. Continuous Infrastructure checks for new / updated resources
b. Informs staff for errors (chatOps)
c. Keeps infrastructure always in its desired state (declarative)
Munich ReThink GmbH
Why Infrastructure as Code ?
- Declarative, contemporary approach instead of (imperative) manual processes
- Define desired state of the environment
- Manual tedious processes are ineffective and error-prone
- Single Source of Truth in git repository
- Represents the desired state of infrastructure
- Shows relations, dependencies and components of resources
- Less error-prone
- More automation through scriptable, consistent infrastructure
- Infrastructure code is version-controlled and peer reviewed (PRs)
- Faster rollback and better traceability
- Cost-efficient
- Engineers spend less time with manual processes, more time for high-value tasks
- Automatically scale in / out infrastructure as demand grows / shrinks
- Faster execution
- Define infrastructure and spin up environments spanning hundreds, or even thousands of resources
- Use multiple regions for High Availability easily
Munich ReThink GmbH
Kubernetes (K8s) & Deployments
- Fully containerized, highly available microservice deployments
- Helm charts for all product microservices and internal services
- Templatable charts for Multi-Tenant deployments
- Cost-effective HA Load-Balancing with nginx-ingress
- Automatic SSL/TLS Rollout with cert-manager
- OpenVPN with Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) for secure k8s API access
- Single Point of Trust via IAM for kubectl / k8s-API access
Munich ReThink GmbH
Why ?
- De-facto Industry standard for container orchestration (developed by Google, now CNCF)
- Portable cloud platform (no vendor lock-in)
- Increased hardware utilization with fully-containerized environment
- Scalable from hundreds to thousands and even millions of containers
- High portability of software which can run on any Kubernetes cluster
- Fully modular architecture so you can customize your platform as needed
- Easy rollout & rollback
- Health-Checks (readiness & liveness)
- Auto-Healing and Auto-Scaling
- Load-Balancing with advanced traffic routing
- Designed for Continuous Deployment
Munich ReThink GmbH
Why CI/CD ?
- Continuous Integration, developers use a shared repository for their work and each commit gets
verified by integration tests
- No more “integration hell”
- Less errors and faster problem detection
- Higher developer efficiency
- Deliver software more rapidly
- Continuous Delivery, extends the CI process for faster and more regular deployments
- Release in small, incremental steps
- Higher agility in development and release processes
- Deploy to other environments (staging / production) with deployment pipelines
- Release more often
- Less pressure for small changes, iterate faster
- Fast feedback for developers
Munich ReThink GmbH
Boris Girsch
Martin Wawrzynek
Marcel Oed
Hans-Jörg Wieland
Munich ReThink GmbH